Fleas Close Learning Center?

Dastardly pernicious fleas have closed a learning center near Evansville, Indiana.  Some teachers and students were found to have flea bites on their arms and legs.

Fleas are parasites, but with nothing to live on for several days they will eventually die. The learning center will be sprayed and treated all this week and will be closed through Sunday.

“By eliminating people from the building besides people that are cleaning, but know the steps, and know where to look, and what to take. We hope that the fleas just die,” said Crafton

Students plan to return Monday morning, hopefully to a flea free school

I am not so sure these guys understand the problem all that well.  FleaBites101.com says:

Adult fleas live entirely on a diet of fresh blood and will consume up to 15 times their body weight in blood each day. Although mature fleas can go months without sucking blood out of a host and survive, they are rabid feeders when nestled within the cozy confines of your animal’s fur or have access to human beings.   The entire life cycle of the flea is blood dependent.

It seems pretty silly to expect fleas to just die because they go a couple of days without blood feeding.  Now, of course, extensive cleaning and treatment can eradicate the problem.  The FleaBites101 website has some interesting information about fleas and flea medication for cats and dogs.  You may want to take a look at it. Very detailed and extensive.

Fed Up With Designer Dogs

Can we please stop the madness when it comes to designer dogs. I am sick of seeing and hearing about dogs with names ending in “poo” beginning with “micro” or seeing them sitting in “teacups”. Enough. Please…stop it.

If I had a dollar for every celebrity that traipsed around with a “cute” little dog, I would be able to retire. These are animals…not fashion accessories. There are literally hundreds of different “specialty breeds” and it is out of control.

One particularly silly combination is the cross between the Pomeranian and the Husky to form the pomsky (http://pomskyhq.com/).  This isn’t even a real dog and they have a pomsky breeder association called the Pomsky Club of America that supposedly vouches for various breeders so that you can be sure you are getting real pomskies. Whatever. It makes no sense crossing these two dogs.  The Husky temperament is not a good fit with the pomeranian temperament.  And we also have the teacup pomeranian shuttled around by Sharon Osbourne and other celebs.

Egads! I am so over it.

Career Resources

Are you looking for information about various different types of careers that might intrigue you?  We are putting together a list of potential career paths that might interest you and not all of them require a four year degree or mountains of student loan debt.

Maybe you want to be a marine biologist or a zoologist and work with many different types of exotic animals and pets.  Whether it is snakes or lizards or even more traditional animals like dogs and cats, we will discuss veterinarian sciences and options.  Did you know that you can join the United States Army and work with animals?

Another interesting and unconventional career path is breeding exotic animals. There are individuals who make a lucrative living breeding various creatures.  For example:

Just be careful, because many states have specific laws regulating the types of animals you can breed, sell and own.

The health profession is another lucrative path for both traditional and neo-traditional students seeking excellent careers that do not require a college degree.  You can learn to be a medical assistant and help a podiatrist when he performs ingrown toenail surgery.  Or you can become a physical therapist or radiological technician and help patients during the course of their treatment.

Another exciting career path is the paralegal profession.  You can learn how to become a paralegal and assist attorneys specializing in various different types of laws.  How would you like to participate in family law or estate planning issues?

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